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Robert WardCustom Concrete Staining
“I got my first job about an hour after Luv-Local was in the mailboxes. Within the first six days I had eight new jobs in Granbury and Hood County and had to hire more help. I made more than enough in the first week to pay for an entire year of Luv-Local exposure. Best advertising we have ever done.”
Carla Fuller, Office ManagerSomervell Flooring
“I have four or five signed flooring orders with Luv-Local coupons attached after three weeks, and they keep showing up, Luv-Local really works!”
Dr. Richard GesellActon Animal Hospital
“We received 25 calls in the first four weeks plus numerous coupons brought in directly to our office. Great way to build new customers, we love the results. Glad we decided to use the call tracking feature Mark recommended, with the BuyerTrak feature we know for sure how many calls Luv-Local is driving to our company”
Jose RamierezHandy Man Landscape
“Incredible results, 10 new client contacts in the first two weeks!"
Ruth WhiteJustice Plumbing
“We are very happy with the results we are receiving, in fact, I just recommended Luv-Local to another company to help build their client base.”
Ricky SwillingJerry Durant Collision Center
“Five coupons brought in for body work from the first book, can you believe it?”
Jimmy SummersBee Healthy
“If we don’t receive another coupon you won’t have to worry about the money back guarantee, the response thus far has justified the cost of the entire campaign, Luv-Local is better than anything we have ever done! The coupons work, and best of all most of the coupons are coming from new customers.”
Lisa EzernackAll About Care
“Not sure how many coupons we have received but the calls have been overwhelming. Almost everyone that calls talks about the coupons. We are extremely happy with the results we are getting.”
Juan WeaverCiCi's Pizza
“Over 50 coupons received during first two weeks. Great response!”
Brooke McKenzieGlenn Aire Company
“10-15 leads came in during the first four weeks after the books hit the street. Tremendous results; thanks Mark.”


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