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Gary and Debbie ByrdPure Country Cafe
“After the 1st Luv-Local hit the mailboxes on June 6 we have received close to 50 coupons, and another 25-30 people who came just because they had seen the coupon. This has been by far the best advertising dollars we have spent! Thanks for getting us involved with Luv-Local."
Brooke McKenzieGlenn Aire Company
“10-15 leads came in during the first four weeks after the books hit the street. Tremendous results; thanks Mark.”
Juan WeaverCiCi's Pizza
“Over 50 coupons received during first two weeks. Great response!”
Lisa EzernackAll About Care
“Not sure how many coupons we have received but the calls have been overwhelming. Almost everyone that calls talks about the coupons. We are extremely happy with the results we are getting.”
Jimmy SummersBee Healthy
“If we don’t receive another coupon you won’t have to worry about the money back guarantee, the response thus far has justified the cost of the entire campaign, Luv-Local is better than anything we have ever done! The coupons work, and best of all most of the coupons are coming from new customers.”
Ricky SwillingJerry Durant Collision Center
“Five coupons brought in for body work from the first book, can you believe it?”
Ruth WhiteJustice Plumbing
“We are very happy with the results we are receiving, in fact, I just recommended Luv-Local to another company to help build their client base.”
Jose RamierezHandy Man Landscape
“Incredible results, 10 new client contacts in the first two weeks!"
Dr. Richard GesellActon Animal Hospital
“We received 25 calls in the first four weeks plus numerous coupons brought in directly to our office. Great way to build new customers, we love the results. Glad we decided to use the call tracking feature Mark recommended, with the BuyerTrak feature we know for sure how many calls Luv-Local is driving to our company”
Carla Fuller, Office ManagerSomervell Flooring
“I have four or five signed flooring orders with Luv-Local coupons attached after three weeks, and they keep showing up, Luv-Local really works!”
Robert WardCustom Concrete Staining
“I got my first job about an hour after Luv-Local was in the mailboxes. Within the first six days I had eight new jobs in Granbury and Hood County and had to hire more help. I made more than enough in the first week to pay for an entire year of Luv-Local exposure. Best advertising we have ever done.”
Jeremy OakesCustom Detail Elite
“I received 73 calls directly from my ad in Luv-Local in three and a half months.”
EricMattress Depot
“Luv-Local has helped Mattress Depot immensely by growing our business here in Granbury. I just want to say thank you to Luv-Local on behalf of the Mattress Depot family."
Lisa EzernackAll About Care
“People love a good coupon and as a result Luv-Local has brought me tons of new business. Mark and the entire team at Luv-Local are great at what they do.”
Joe LoveLove To Clean
“Month after month, the calls just keep coming. We clean carpets and thanks to Luv-Local we never have to wonder what we will be doing tomorrow, or next week. The results, and profits, are incredible.”
Tom LoughreyTaco Casa
“Luv-Local was very successful for us and we were very excited about all the responses.”
Barry PattersonBudget Blinds
“We are so happy with the business we have gotten from our ad. Very happy! We didn’t know that Luv-Local would have gotten us as many calls from our ad as it has. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”
Colby KreutzerAblaze Firefighter Movers, LLC
“I have received a substantial number of calls from our ad in Luv-Local from day one but the longer I am in the better it gets. Great product, glad to extend my ad agreement for a full year!”
Nate LoveEl Chico Cafe
“Luv-Local has proven to be the best way to extend dining incentives to our guests. The results are consistent, and the format encourages consumers to act on our monthly specials.”
Stephen BoyntonBoynton's Bulbs and Filters
“During the time we were in Luv-Local, we more than doubled, if not tripled our business. I would like to return in August ahead of the next lighting season, thank you.”
Chris BachhoferC&J Butcher Shop
“Finally, a way for the small guy to compete with the big guys! Luv-Local has expanded our business and allowed us to showcase our unique and diverse products to all our local market, and, at a price we can afford and in a format that impresses and creates urgency. Our future looks much brighter now thanks to Luv-Local.”
Ashley MillerTown & Country Animal Clinic
“Luv-Local has been extremely beneficial to us, it brings in new customers on a very consistent basis. I would highly recommend Luv-Local!””
William GreenGregg Aire, LLC
“We are going to keep it the same ad for the next issue, we got our first call yesterday and as a matter of a fact, we are going to make a little money off this, this is really pretty cool!”
Brandon BrownFive Starr Builders
“Man, I tell you what I did not think it would really work, but it works, I have gotten good results from Luv-Local.””
Megan KellyThe Airport Service
“Luv-Local is so amazing, and you guys have been so great to us. Our business has exploded, 14 calls just this morning!”
Austin GreggGregg Aire, LLC
“You’re not going to believe this, after only two issues of Luv-Local we have had three new installations and working on a fourth. I’ve even been asked by a prospective new customer to prepare a comparison between our product and another they were considering. Educated buyers are calling, Luv-Local is really working for us.”
Sammy SalhiuSammy's Italian Bistro
“The first four months of using Luv-Local / Burleson to bring in new customers for our restaurant has been great. We are receiving lots of coupons, its working so well we want to extend our contract and possibly ad the Cleburne edition of Luv-Local.”
Carl SwayneMr. Jim's Pizza, Burleson
“I bought and ad in Luv-Local so you would quit calling me, the first month’s coupon worked so well we ran out of large pizza boxes. Thanks for convincing me to try Luv-Local.””
Edy VelazquezLa Cima Mexican Cuisine Grill & Bar, Cleburne
“I did not think it would work this well! Lots of new customers. Really big results, I mean really big, 9-10 coupons a day are presented."
Vielka VenutiTexas Better Yards, Burleson
“Hello Sandy, our last issue is coming up and I wanted to let you know we want to sign a new contract. Our first month in Luv-Local was slow but beginning with the second we have been very pleased. Multiple jobs sold and the phone keeps ringing. Oh, and your design department does a great job on our ads."
Dwayne TrussellTrussell's Tree Service
“Luv-Local hit mailboxes Thursday, this is Monday and I have already booked two jobs. I just received another call that will probably be my third booked job in three days. To say I am impressed would be an understatement."
Dwayne TrussellTrussell's Tree Service
“Hey Sandy, I just had to call to tell you this. Since Luv-Local hit the mailboxes last Thursday I have received 8 calls with a sale’s close ratio of 30% so far. Not even a week; Luv-Local is really working. Thanks for helping me decide to use Luv-Local to grow my business."
Josh CoufalLone Star Patio, Aledo
“Six appointments in the last month from Luv-Local. To say the least, I am very happy with the results."
Dwayne TrussellTrussell's Tree Service, Alvarado
“Sandy, wherever you mailed the first issue we were in, please put a star by it. I've earned enough from our first month in Luv-Local to pay for my entire 8-month ad agreement. We are getting jobs from people who have never heard of us and more referrals than we have ever had. I simply cannot believe how fast the results have been."
Kyle CisarViking Overhead Door, Burleson - Cleburne
“We've had tremendous success with Luv-Local! We market heavily using online and direct mail, two things separate Luv-Local from everything else we use, results and customer service. Our Luv-Local rep Shonda communicates with us more frequently than any other marketing we use, and the results have been consistent and very profitable. Luv-Local also has a graphic design team that has done amazing work on our ads. We will definitely be a long-term customer of Luv-Local."
Bobby LackeyProfessional Clean-Up Services, Burleson
“In these horrible times I've gotten four calls and booked two jobs since Luv-Local hit the mailboxes. My ad paid for itself and I made money on top, thank you Luv-Local!"
Robert SweetRJS Roofing, Burleson
“Good roofing jobs are hard to get. Our first ad in Luv-Local hit mailboxes a week and a half ago and we are closing our first sale today and expect another tomorrow. Luv-Local is paying off far quicker than expected. Luv-Local is keeping the quotes and sales rolling in."
James FlemingThe Arbor Store, Burleson
“We build high quality outdoor Arbor’s for entertaining. We began using Luv-Local about three months ago, at first, we did not see the results we had hoped to have but over the past two weeks we sold a $14,000.00 job. Then last night a $15,000.00 Arbor build from Luv-Local. We previously used another advertising product for about 15 years, it never produced results like Luv-Local. I don’t know how Luv-Local prepares their lists, but they seem to produce better, more qualified, sales leads."
Christy DockreyLone Star Senior Insurance Solutions, Weatherford
“I sell senior healthcare insurance, I have been looking for some good, affordable, lead generation tools for some time. Recently, I placed an ad in the Luv-Local, Weatherford issue. My first ad hit mailboxes just under weeks ago, today I closed my first sale from the ad."
Stephanie RayBarks of Love, Weatherford
“I'm very happy with Luv-Local. Shortly after our first ad appeared in Luv-Local we received a call from a lady who, after talking to us for about five minutes, made a $100.00 donation. We are dependent on donations and Luv-Local reaches every home in Weatherford. Thank you Luv-Local."
Kate GatesStars and Stripes Tree Service, Burleson
“We’ve had an excellent response from our ads in Luv-Local. So much so we just renewed our advertising agreement after our initial contract term. Amanda, our sales rep, has been wonderful and the design/graphics department has done a great job on all our ads. Keep the calls coming Luv-Local."
Gary BoaseDevin's Handyman Services, Weatherford
“After 42 years in business I know a little about advertising. Direct mail works!We’ve closed $30,000.00 in sales from Luv-Local in just over three months. The results are tremendous, and the sales leads just keep coming."
Brandon BrownFive Star Builders
“We are cutting our spending budget on marketing due to Covid-19 except Luv-Local. We are very satisfied with the performance of Luv-Local even, and especially, during the pandemic. In fact, it keeps working even when most of our other marketing investments have not. Please keep up the good work."


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