Luv-Local Digital Is Your Best Choice
For Local Advertising

Who is Luv-Local?

Luv-Local is a subsidiary company of Sales-R-Up Media, Inc. which was established in 2001 as a regional media provider for recreational real estate properties and investments across central, west, north, south, and The Hill Country of Texas. Sales-R-Up Media, Inc. does business in over eighty Texas counties and in southern Oklahoma. Our corporate office was established in Granbury in December 2006.

Effective Local Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

Luv-Local is a branded local market digital multi-channel product with unmatched return for the advertiser. As proven in other markets across the United States, digital multi-channel marketing is regarded by consumers as the “gold standard” for value from local market merchants. Local merchants who try and use Luv-Local Digital will immediately see the impact of our email and Facebook / Instagram market saturation campaigns.

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