About Us

Who is Luv-Local

Luv-Local is a subsidiary company of Sales-R-Up Media, Inc. which was established in 2001 as a regional media provider for recreational real estate properties and investments across central, west, north, south, and The Hill Country of Texas. Sales-R-Up Media, Inc. does business in over eighty Texas counties and in southern Oklahoma. Our corporate office was established in Granbury in December 2006.

Luv-Local is a branded local market direct mail product with unmatched return for the advertiser. As proven in other markets all across the United States over many years, the coupon book format is regarded by consumers as the “gold standard” for value from local market merchants. Local merchants who try and use Luv-Local will immediately see the impact of direct mail market saturation campaigns.


What is unique about Luv-Local?

Two things set Luv-Local apart from all other coupon format direct mail products.

First, our layout and use of high quality printing process make Luv-Local look and feel that consumers have just been handed a high value product, it causes them to look and take note of the quality of the presentation and it allows them to easily “tear out” the coupon incentives they want to use. Second, Luv-Local is a completely new way to reach, influence, and achieve new customers by creating value and urgency in one format with 100% market penetration, if anyone lives in a household in Granbury they will receive Luv-Local.

Luv-Local is also a customer retention tool in that it allows existing customers to receive incentives to further enhance their existing relationships with local merchants. Luv-Local is dedicated to our advertisers. As you will see, our responsibility starts with your commitment to try Luv-Local, however our success will be defined by the results we deliver. Measured, verifiable, and sustainable results are the only things that matter and Luv-Local will deliver more new customers to our customers than any other local advertising format they now use or have used before.