About Us

Who is Luv-Local

Luv-Local is a subsidiary company of Sales-R-Up Media, Inc. which was established in 2001 as a regional media provider for recreational real estate properties and investments across Texas. Sales-R-Up Media, Inc. covers all Texas counties and in southern Oklahoma. Our corporate office was established in Granbury in December 2006.

Luv-Local is a branded local market digital marketing company that offers unmatched return for the advertiser. As proven in other markets across the United States over many years, digital multi-channel marketing is regarded by consumers as the “gold standard” for value from local market merchants. Local merchants who try and use Luv-Local Digital will immediately see the impact of digital multi-channel marketing saturation campaigns.

What is unique about Luv-Local?

Two things set Luv-Local apart from other coupon format direct mail products. Using our digital multi-channel marketing platform, we reach hundreds of thousands more consumers each month as compared to direct mail at a fraction of the cost.

First, our layout and design capabilities give our advertisers a distinct advantage. We are experts at messaging which is the key component to any successful campaign. Second, Luv-Local Digital is a completely new way to reach, influence, and engage new customers by creating value and urgency in one format with a market penetration percentage that is superior to almost all other forms of media.

Luv-Local Digital is also a customer retention tool in that it allows existing customers to receive incentives to further enhance their existing relationships with local merchants. Luv-Local Digital is dedicated to our advertisers. As you will see, our responsibility starts with your commitment to try Luv-Local Digital, however our success will be defined by the results we deliver. Measured, verifiable, and sustainable results are the only things that matter and Luv-Local Digital will deliver more new customers to our customers than any other local advertising format they now use or have used before.